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There are many troubleshooting options to try:

#1). Please ensure your browser is up to date.

If you're on Chrome, you can check your browser's version by typing "chrome://settings/help" into your browser URL and hitting enter.

If your browser is out of date, please update to the latest version.

Once updated, simply close your browser and relog into Gmail.

#2). MailTag might be incompatible with your other Gmail extensions.

Please disable or remove any other Gmail-related extensions you’ve added to your browser and refresh your email. Overlapping technologies (for example, other email tracking extensions) will cause MailTag to not work properly.

#3). Check your computer's software. Are you using an outdated version of your computer's OS? If so, please update.

If you're on Mac, please ensure you're using the latest version of Mac OS X.
If you're on PC, please ensure you're using the latest version of Windows.

Outdated operating systems (for example, Windows XP) will not work with MailTag.

#4). Properly reinstalling MailTag.

If MailTag is still not working, please re-add MailTag to your browser.

In order to properly re-add MailTag to your browser, please follow these 3 steps in the exact step-by-step order detailed below.

Step 1). Remove MailTag from your browser, simply right-click the MailTag icon and click "remove from Chrome" (as seen below).

Step 2). Clear your browser's cookies and cache (you can do this by typing "chrome://settings/clearBrowserData" into your browser URL and hitting enter).

Step 3). Reinstall MailTag from the Chrome store:

Once reinstalled, please enable MailTag on your browser by clicking the blue
"Enable MailTag" button on the popup that appears on your screen (as seen below).

Then, proceed to login to the Gmail address you wish to use MailTag on.

Watch the full video tutorial on getting started with MailTag:

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